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UK and Australia residents
Sorry guys, I am suspending shipping to UK until I can figure out the whole VAT situation. Also, shipping to Australia is damn expensive right now, so that’s suspended as well.

Comedy Special


My first show, good times when I was skinny

In his first Stand-up Comedy Special, Everything Very Wrong, irreverent young Andrea Paone talks about what it means to be Tuscan, his grandfather Benito, his adventures in the United States, and other politically incorrect things.



I'll help you, in the worst way

It wasn't easy to convince Andrea Paone ("gorgeous, sexy, wonderful, and very humble comedian," as he is fond of pointing out) to write a book, and in fact we couldn't do it. But fortunately, the writing world in Italy is full of good, cheap laborers, and we found a cheap, faithful, homely ghost writer and... poof!

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