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How I failed my parents

Andrea Paone is an Italian comedian, author, and actor who grew up in Tuscany. In 2021 Prime Video presents his first comedy special "Tutto Molto Sbagliato," he is the first Italian stand-up comedian to end up on the American platform with his own single special.

In 2020 smuggler publishes his first book titled "I was fine, before you knew me" with a foreword by Lo Sgargabonzi.

In the same year he wrote "101 Days of Madness!" a film directed by Lorenzo Antonioni, in which Paone plays Sandro Pertini. In 2022 he made his film debut with Giovanni Virgilio's "I racconti della domenica" with Nino Frassica and Stella Egitto.

In 2023 he made his debut in the temple of Italian comedy, "Zelig." In the same year with his new show "Invendibile" he performed for Italian audiences in Holland, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Spain and England. In May his second comedy special was released on Prime Video, produced by OL3. Since 2023 he has been working on film projects with Warner Bros.

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Pay me, I'll love you more

Andrea Paone's comic style is irreverent and politically incorrect. He is a comedian who makes storytelling his strong point. Observational and funny comedy. His idols are Jim Jefferies, Ricky Gervais, and Jerry Seinfeld. In his shows he often talks about his grandparents, his ADHD, sexuality, and everyday life. A comedian who has an overwhelmingly female fanbase, but suitable for private parties, ceremonies, confirmations, baptisms, and weddings. Just pay him. He really likes to be paid.

Comedy Special


My first show, good times when I was skinny

In his first Stand-up Comedy Special, Everything Very Wrong, irreverent young Andrea Paone talks about what it means to be Tuscan, his grandfather Benito, his adventures in the United States, and other politically incorrect things.


Divergent tour


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